Monday, March 12, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot, Pt 1

About six weeks ago, we had maternity portraits taken by a great and talented friend of ours, Sarah Postma of Renewed Image Photography.  She took our Christmas family portraits, and they were great, but I LOVED the results of this shoot even more!  I love the colors and angles and props and locations and all of it.  I just couldn't stop being excited about them when I got to see the proofs!  She did an excellent job, and all that for it being her first maternity shoot!  She did some research beforehand and just has so much natural talent-I LOVE these pictures!  Thanks, Sarah!  If anyone needs photos taken, she's your girl!

Sarah's fiance, Sam, helped entertain Elijah and helped carry the props.  :)
This old timey camera was a huge hit for Elijah. 


I think this is the only time during the WHOLE session that he touched my stomach at all, even though normally he will and we were sure trying to get him to do it!  :)  I was glad Sarah caught that split second on film!  :)
Isn't this a clever picture?  Love the setup!  :)
One of my FAVORITES from this whole shoot, though I know it's not a maternity picture...
Precious!  (Though James says it looks like I could be a billboard for a pregnancy center..."Pregnant?  Scared?  We can help...") 

One of the BEST father-son pictures ever taken!
Hilarious and CUTE!!!  Soon after this, Elijah started throwing the globe down every few seconds, but it was great while it lasted!  :)

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