Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot, Pt 2

 Part 2 of our maternity photo shoot by the lovely Sarah Postma of Renewed Image Photography.  I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE these pictures!

 We just really had it in our heads that we wanted a railroad tracks picture.  I was nervous the whole time about the train coming, but it didn't come til we were about done, so it worked out perfectly!

 This is one of my FAVORITES!  I just think it shows so much of who we are!
 I just love my husband.  A lot.
 So sweet!

 Our family of four!!!
 I wasn't sure about the bare belly shots because in real life and up close there are a lot of stretch marks and it's just not very pretty, but Sarah assured me that that wasn't showing up on camera.  She was right!  :)  My skin looks so smooth...

 Adorable!  James' goatee is not as long as it appears in this photo, by the way!
 These are so cute!  James was "flying" Elijah into me.  Kinda like brother and sister playing together!  :)

 Precious!  Ever since this, Elijah has been doing a great "cheese" face!
Sarah did an amazing job and I am SO thrilled with her work and these photos!  If you're in town and need a photographer, look her up!  I can get you in touch with her but her company is Renewed Image Photography.

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