Monday, March 19, 2012

The Most Wonderful Man Alive

James says I've done this already, but I just need to talk again about what a wonderful guy I married!  I am CONSTANTLY blown away by how kind and selfless he is!  He is such a servant, going so far beyond the norm.

I read a post by Brad on the awesome One Flesh Marriage blog this week that really summed up well the way I think James lives, following the admonition in Ephesians 5 for husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church: "You know what’s funny, when most people think of a submissive wife; they have a picture of a guy demanding his wife to get in the kitchen and make her man a sandwich. Yet, when God started moving in our marriage the exact opposite happened. All the sudden I began to see the ways that I needed to help out around home."

James is SO helpful to me.  He is so compassionate and loving, seeing when I'm tired or pushing myself too hard, and seeking out ways to make things easier on me.  I am blessed beyond women!  Some ways that has looked recently:  I told James a couple months ago that I thought my least favorite household/parenting chore was bathing Elijah (I know that's silly, but it just feels like such a big job...and so much leaning over onto my big belly...).  Since that day, James has practically taken over bathtime.  I often still come sit in there with them, but James does all the soaping and watering and toweling and carrying and dressing.  What a selfless man!  Also, back in December when we were faced with the gestational diabetes possibility, I was told I needed to walk for exercise 30-60 minutes a day.  I was already getting up in time to spend time with Jesus and shower before getting Elijah up at 7:30am, and I just didn't want to get up any earlier to fit in walking.  James ran to the rescue and has become the one to handle Elijah in the mornings, so that I do have time to add the exercise piece to my routine.  Seriously-I am healthier this pregnancy, and our baby is probably healthier, due to the sacrifice of time of my sweet husband!  Plus it's just precious because he and Elijah have this whole little routine now in the mornings about how James gets Elijah up and what they do when.  It is so good for my heart to see my precious son and his loving father love each other so well.

So those two things I just mentioned could take about 45 minutes of James' day on most days.  But that's not all.  He is just so willing to help me.  I am (still) learning better to ask for help, to invite James into the places that I feel overwhelmed or exhausted, and he so willingly and graciously does what I need!  Changing diapers, helping with dinner, playing with Elijah, vacuuming, SO MUCH MORE, he doesn't complain or roll his eyes at me, he happily helps me and then asks if there is anything else I need.  He rubs my back as it's sore (which is a lot these days...), he tolerates me and my huge pregnancy body pillow taking up way more then our fair share of the bed, he shivered through nights where it was cold outside and I wanted the window open (sadly it's not cold enough now...), he doesn't make me feel in the way when I interrupt him, etc.

I am SO thankful for James and just wanted you all to know how wonderful and kind and supportive he is!  :)

Although, just in case you think he's perfect, I will tell you that he laughed hysterically when Elijah pointed out my belly button the other day and I tried but failed to even be able to see it.  Humph.  :)

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