Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recent Photos

 Just this week we've started trying to lose the tray part of Elijah's booster seat and let him eat at the table.  So's messy.  But we're trying to emphasize his status as "big boy" and this is a not-too-complicated way to do it!
 I don't know why these pictures turned out green, but my men were making the goofiest faces!

 When Elijah does learn to use the real potty, I think we'll have Jewel to thank.  He has finally put it together about what she's doing outside and he thinks it's HILARIOUS to laugh and point (he is all boy!)!  This is him imitating Jewel going potty:
 We found this hat in the back of his dresser.  We bought it for his first birthday but then took his party a totally different direction.  He liked wearing the crown, though!  :)

 A current favorite thing: pointing out his (and anyone else's) tummy!
 Precious face!
 He can often be found hugging Jewel lately!

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