Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hospital and Coming Home Pictures

 Ellie is one week old now, and of course we already have about a million pictures of her.  I'll share some for your viewing pleasure.  :)  Also, if anyone is interested in all the long details of her labor/delivery, I've written out the birth story and am happy to share-just let me know you want it and I'll email it to you.  It's just super long and detailed to post on here...

 Here Dad is listening to Ellie's heart with his stethescope.  I think it was pretty hard to hear because it was just a normal stethoscope.  See Elijah's little face.  He gets nervous when doctors do anything to me.  A fun fact is that we went to the hospital to have Ellie just a couple hours after this photo was taken!
 Here we are, settling in to the hospital.  I know, if I can smile for a picture it's technically too early to be at the hospital.  I still had a good 6 minutes between contractions!  :)
 Haha a lot changed between this picture and the last one.  I'm getting all ready to go to the OR for a c-section.  Since I hadn't had any meds at this point, I walked to the wheelchair to get wheeled into the OR, and then walked up to the operating table.  Bizarre!  :)
 Here's our first family moment together.  James and I are both crying.  LOVE!
 I'm not sure how it was a good idea for my hand to somehow be the only one holding Ellie on the pillow by my head (above).  Thankfully James agreed and was holding her, too (below).
 We told her her name and what it meant, and how glad we were to have her finally here!
 Proud Daddy! And such a good-looking one, too!
 Getting to cuddle our newest little treasure!
 Her first hairbow-adorable!!!!!
 Maybe one of my favorite pictures so far!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!
 She was pretty jaundiced and had to spend a lot of time (about 30 hours!!!) under the phototherapy lights.  When they brought her to me to nurse, we kept her wrapped in a UV blanket-our precious little glow worm!!
 This is us with Dr. Laci Waner-our wonderful doctor.  She was an incredible part of our delivery and we are so thankful for her!!!
 Ready to go home!
 I rode in the back because I didn't want to be so far away from her in the front seat...
 Elijah LOVES his little sister!!!!!
 He likes to point out all her features.

 He keeps hugging and kissing her.  Precious!  Though today that did result in our first brother/sister injury...
We LOVE having our family expanded to four!!!  Lots more pictures to come!


  1. I just LOVE the pictures!!!!!! Congrats again!

  2. The pictures of Elijah and Ellie are so sweet!

  3. Well done mom and dad! She's beautiful!