Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Hospital Pictures

 This is our first family picture, when Elijah got to come meet Ellie for the first time!  Sweet!

Elijah brought her her little Roo stuffed animal that some friends got us.  So sweet!
 Meeting her grandma, "Lala" (Abuela).

 With Aunt Sara

 With another grandma, Gran!

 2 Grandmas!!!
 The nurse came to get Ellie to put her back under the lights.  Elijah followed.
 He tried to get "Bibi"'s attention by banging on the glass.
 "My sister's in there!"

Our romantic candlelight dinner.  There really is a tealight candle.  The kind with an on/off switch!  :)
 Our little glow worm!

 I was sad for James because during the 30 hours she was in the nursery under the light, we got her for short chunks just long enough for me to nurse her.  He didn't get to hold her much at all during that time!  This time she wasn't super hungry so he got in some extra cuddle time!  :)

 With Pop & Gigi!

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