Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh, Yeah...

Having a newborn again I'm realizing how many things I'd forgotten about in the almost two years since we did this last!

-the swaddle

-that dang umbilical cord that hangs on forEVER!

-how to wear a baby (the moby wrap is new to me, but youtube is helping!)

-I can function on less sleep then I think I need

-it is SO frustrating to be exhausted and still not able to fall asleep!

-it is SO peaceful to hold a sleeping baby
-Those constant noises newborns make while sleeping

-James is SUCH a trooper, bringing that fussing baby to me during the night, changing her diaper and putting her back down when I pass her back

-All these baby clothes are so tiny!  Now I have a better frame of reference for how quickly this baby will grow, having Elijah running around so HUGE in comparison!  :)

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