Friday, April 13, 2012

Pictures at Home

 Some pictures of our first week at home:
Ellie looking at her namesake, Roo...

 Elijah laid out the duck for her to look at.  :)

 Elijah saw her playing on her blanket and wanted to do the same.  So here he is with his blanket and some of his toys.  They are PRECIOUS together!!!

 Sometimes these kisses end up a little dangerous.  Sometimes Elijah slips and squashes Ellie, or they bang heads.  Oops!
 Doesn't your heart just MELT?!?!?!
 Easter egg hunt on Sunday!  Elijah thought he'd just go ahead and use both baskets (thanks, Pop & Gigi!).
 Family Easter pic!  Love it!!!  I'm just so happy that THIS is my family!  I feel so blessed!
 So proud that he's finding eggs!

 Trying to treat Ellie's jaundice.
 Getting loved on by Abuela.
 Mom reading to her grandkids.  Now Elijah holds books like this and shows them to Ellie!
 First bath at home.

 I'm just so tickled by these little ears!!!
 Piggy back ride!
 Wearing Daddy's glasses.  James says this makes EZ look like Chicken Little.  Totally!
 James soaking in the glory of being the daddy of a sweet baby girl.  He seriously sat and held her for like an hour and a half while she slept the other day and I took a nap.  He's a GREAT daddy and a wonderful husband!!
 EZ is loving his new white board toy.
 They got these shirts that say "1 of 2" and "2 of 2."  Hilarious!  Here Elijah is trying to match Ellie's grumpy face.  Hahaha!


  1. Oh my goodness, Cat! Thank you for posting these. Your family is so beautiful, and EZ is getting so big! :)

  2. Congrats you guys! She is beautiful and EZ is gonna be the best big brother for her! I'm loving all the adorable pictures too :)