Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Elijah (video)

Video removed to conserve storage space

Here's a little video we recorded of Elijah on his birthday.  He's a cutie!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Elijah!

Sarah Postma of Renewed Image Photography snapped this adorable shot
Happy birthday, precious son!  What a sweet journey these last two years have been!  I know that when you're all grown up, I'll look back and it will seem like these days passed in the blink of an eye, but right now I'm enjoying (mostly) the way the days seem to pass slowly.  I read somewhere recently that the days are long but the years are true!

I remember bringing you home from the hospital.  I had a killer headache for the first five days of your life, and I was so scared.  I didn't have a clue what to do with you (well, yes...I'd read lots of books and had lots of advice and help...but still felt so ill-equipped!) and I just didn't want to mess up.  I wanted you to feel so loved and valued.  I wanted you to have a structured, orderly environment and I wanted you to start learning from the very beginning.  I wanted you to know Jesus and devote your life to him.

Now, fast forward two short years and you are already fulfilling my dreams and prayers for you!  I pray daily for you, and I love seeing how God is already answering!  I pray for you to be joyful and compassionate, confident and loving, submitted to authority and to delight in the presence of God.  At different times of your life so far, different ones of these have shown up so sweetly.  Currently I'm noticing your compassion as you gently love your baby sister.

Some of my favorite things about you right now, little buddy, are your songs (both real and made up, vocal and guitar), your prayers (you thanked Jesus for Mommy today and I could have just cried), and your sweet blend of how you communicate with words, actions, and sound effects (you just told me "chocolate, Baba," made your siren sound which means fire truck, and did the airplane motion and sound with your hand.  Yes, sweetheart,  we are going to Baba's house tomorrow after we go on the airplane, and you will have a chocolate cake with a fire truck on it, like we talked about earlier!  What a memory you have!  I love figuring out what story you're telling me!

You sure do get attached to your ideas sometimes.  You are starting to throw big crying fits when you're disappointed or frustrated, and Mommy and Daddy are working on teaching you how to handle those emotions without losing control.  You love us so well and I love how you say, "Wah-wee Mommy" to apologize for disobeying.

My life would be so incomplete without you in it.  I am so glad you are our son, our firstborn, our delight, our precious treasure.  May you grow to live out the meaning of your name-may the Lord truly be your God and may future generations yet to be created come to know Him because of your life!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Naptime Helper

Video removed to conserve storage space

This video is probably a month old by now, but it's still funny.  I have a new rhythm/order for putting the kids to bed for naptime now, but for the first two weeks or so that I was "on my own" with both of them, this is how I did naptime-I rocked and sang to Ellie with Elijah's "help," then put him down.  This video shows him (not) helping put her to sleep.  :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Little Princess

 These are just recent pics in which our little Elle-Belle is the star!

This little purple tutu outfit is definitely one of our favorites!
Here's Daddy with our two precious little ones!

 Sometimes I put Ellie down in Elijah's crib while I change his diaper or do things in his room.  He is so tickled at this that sometimes he wants to join her!
 We finally set up Ellie's crib and bedding and all-I was so excited to see how it all looked and am just LOVING it!  I'll take better shots of the bedding and room later, but here's Ellie trying out her new bed!
 Here's Elijah checking on her...

 Elijah is showing Ellie one of his new birthday presents.
 Apparently she's not too interested...

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Video removed to conserve storage space

This video provides a lot of entertainment in our home right now!  I had to shorten it significantly to get it down to size for the blog, but you're seeing the highlights.  At the part when Elijah gets his ball in Jewel's food bowl, when he's watching it, he laughs SOOOO hard!  And the truly hysterical thing about this movie is that he's losing his diaper!  That's never happened before, but the velcro on this particular cloth diaper is wearing out, and as he keeps standing and sitting you keep getting views of his little tooshie.  I just laugh the whole way through!  Enjoy!!!  :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Celebrations and Little Moments

 A couple weeks ago, James was in Wiley and Danielle's wedding.  Ellie was a champ and slept through the whole thing!
 Elijah stayed home with Gran and Grandad and had a great time!

We celebrated Mother's Day and it was such a sweet, restful day-I have a wonderful family and am honored to be Elijah and Ellie's mom and James' wife!
 I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how this shot turned out!
 Just last weekend, Ellie got her first bottle!  She took it fairly well.  It was a bit messy, but overall fairly peaceful-SUCCESS!!!
 Elijah loves his baby sister.  He's learned to say her name, "Baby Ellie!"  Here he is giving her eskimo kisses.
 He always kisses this specific spot on her head!
 Such a happy big brother!!!
 She has her daddy's eyes-beautiful blue!

 Our joyful little guy!
 Daddy juggling TWO! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

1 Month

 I'm only three weeks late with this, but here are pictures of Ellie at one month old!

Now that she's almost two months, the milestones blur together, but I know she was about 10 lbs 3 oz at one month, and she had just done her first 4 or 4 1/2 hour stretch of sleep at night.  She eats every three hours during the day and has definitely gotten the hang of nursing by now!  She is a sweet, peaceful, beautiful baby girl and is so loved by all of the rest of her family!!!  :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday EZ Pt 3 Behind the Scenes

Elijah's second birthday party was this weekend.  Here's the behind-the-scenes look at the theme/decorations (thank you, pinterest and the internet!).

This sign hung by the front door.  You can't see it well, but the invitation is at the bottom.  I made them look like airline tickets.

James hung paper airplane garlands around the house:
James and my sister Jen painted these AWESOME airplanes.  We intended them to be for a photo booth type event, but things were pretty chaotic so we didn't have all the kids take pictures with them.  Though of course we took Elijah's picture!
The cake and cupcakes (the cupcakes are supposed to look like clouds):

In flight refreshments (ginger ale and tiny cups!!!):
Emergency exit row:
Baggage drop off (gifts):
The craft table for the airplane building:
Elijah wouldn't cooperate for a picture in front of this sign, but we still have a week before his real birthday, so we'll get that photo later!
Baggage claim (the party favor bags look like suitcases and are filled with paratroopers and gliders):
International departures (the front door):

The back of the birthday boy's shirt:
And the front with an adorable expression as he says, "cheese!"
Close up of the airplane craft:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday EZ pt 2 the Party

We had a great birthday party this weekend to celebrate Elijah turning two years old!!!  The party was airplane themed, you can see tomorrow's post for all the decorating and theme ideas.

We had two activities for people to do:
a paper airplane making and throwing contest (one for the kids and one for the adults)-Michael won for the adults and his son Trey won for the kids!
Airplane building with clothespins and popsicle sticks:

Here's EZ blowing out his candle (see yesterday's post for the video).

Elijah got a TON of presents-people were so kind and now we need to do some purging of some old toys so there's room for all this new stuff!

This Pooh stuffed animal was probably his favorite present of the day.  It was so cute to see his face when he pulled it out.  Huge smile, big hug to the stuffed bear!
Daddy showing Elijah how his new shoes light up.
We tried to get photos with all the kids...yeah, right!

We thought it was hilarious how Natalie joined Elijah out in front!  :)
Our little pilot.
A side story but so precious was that this was also the day where Granny got to meet her new great grand-daughter!  Ellie was a champ and slept ALL through the party, but I woke her up at the end so people who traveled from out of town could meet her.  Sweet!!!