Thursday, May 17, 2012


Recent cute things Elijah has done:

-- He's started praying with Ellie.  He walks over to her, takes her hand, and says, "Yaysus (Jesus).  Dank ooo (thank you)..." and then says whatever he's thankful for (chapstick, Jewel, water, Mommy, Daddy, Boz, etc), and then "Memen! (amen)"  It's adorable and hilarious and totally spontaneous!

-- Today he was eating some banana bread while sitting in a normal chair instead of his highchair.  I was washing dishes in the kitchen and he kept coming in and playing with the towel we use to dry our hands.  Once I finished washing dishes and was paying more attention, I realized that every time he took a bite he was wiping his hands on the towel in the kitchen!  I asked him about it and he said, "sticky."  So I brought him a napkin.  :)

-- At least once, he's independently gone to sit on his potty chair while he poops in the morning.  He hides behind his arm if I talk to him (privacy, please?).  He just went and sat on it again as I'm typing.  We'll see if he was pooping or just playing.  This is still with all his clothes on, btw.

-- Words!  He is chattering up a storm-he definitely knows his colors now, and loves to announce them when we ask what color something is.  He talks about what he sees, what he remembers, and what he wants.  Though usually when we ask him to use his words, he starts with just, "please!"  :)

-- Rocks!  EZ is on a rock kick for sure!  He picks them up wherever he sees them, and brings them home to collect in his wagon outside or on the outside windowsill by the front door.  He often tastes them, too.  Yuck!

-- Elijah understands some opposites!  He does great with "big" and "small" and "wet" and "dry," it's fun to see him apply these labels to different things as he experiences them!

-- Eljiah's second birthday party is this Saturday.  I've been thinking of him as two years old for a couple months now, but really he's only now about to turn two!  :)

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