Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm overwhelmed lately by all the neediness.  This whole parenting two  I know I'll get used to it and I look forward to the day where it's easy and natural for me (I'm told the day is MONTHS away where I even feel like this is normal and manageable...I'm trying to have low standards!), but right now...I'm not there yet!  I am constantly struck by how NEEDY both of my kids are.  I love them desperately, and I am happy to do things for them and to help them, but it's seriously so constant.  This must be the definition of parenting small ones...just meeting their constant needs.  They needs bottoms wiped, tummies filled, entertainment, clothing, instruction, and prayer.  They need to be dressed, they need shoes tied, they need books read to them, they need noses wiped, they need songs sung to them, they need to be rocked or comforted or held, they need to be laughed with and loved on and snuggled and delighted in.  They need to see me laugh, they need to be taught to obey, they need to experience the love and presence of God.  They need food prepared, table wiped clean, spills wiped up, toys put away.  Some days I am happy to be the one meeting these needs, but other moments I just want to melt into the floor.  I look around the house, "Isn't there someone else here who can do that for you?"  Sometimes when Elijah bursts into tears, I do, too, and I think, "I NEED, too..."  But so sweetly Jesus reminds me that the way I comfort and love my children is only a reflection of the way He comforts and loves me.  He wraps His arms around me and really does meet all of my needs.  Because of His strength, I can keep meeting these needs, and hopefully someday introduce my precious children to the One who never runs out of strength or patience, a far better Parent than I can ever hope to be!

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