Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Little Princess

 These are just recent pics in which our little Elle-Belle is the star!

This little purple tutu outfit is definitely one of our favorites!
Here's Daddy with our two precious little ones!

 Sometimes I put Ellie down in Elijah's crib while I change his diaper or do things in his room.  He is so tickled at this that sometimes he wants to join her!
 We finally set up Ellie's crib and bedding and all-I was so excited to see how it all looked and am just LOVING it!  I'll take better shots of the bedding and room later, but here's Ellie trying out her new bed!
 Here's Elijah checking on her...

 Elijah is showing Ellie one of his new birthday presents.
 Apparently she's not too interested...

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