Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pretty in Pink

 Hahahahaha  Okay, people.  So I have many creative outlets and things I do well in, but let's just say that photography is not one of them.  For weeks before Ellie came, as I walked around our park, I saw these rosebushes blooming and thought it'd be awesome to set up a little photo shoot there.  So finally last week we thought we'd better go give it a try before all the flowers were gone.  The actual rose bushes were more empty but there was this one hybrid one that had clumps of flowers.  So off we went...we put Ellie's soft pink blanket on top of a TV tray on the sidewalk in front of the bushes and started snapping pictures.

Some of them are okay.  Maybe almost cute.  :)  Truly the problem wasn't that I had an awful idea, I don't think, but that she wasn't asleep like all those peaceful newborn pictures you usually see.  She kept trying to eat the blanket!  Here are some of the pictures that were the closest to what I was thinking.  :)

 And then here are the ones that have us rolling on the floor laughing...  :)

 Seriously?  She looks like an army general here!  :)

Thankfully our friend Sarah took newborn pictures (mostly with Ellie asleep) and those are going to be cuter!  I can't wait to see them-they are always WELL WORTH waiting for!  :)

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