Tuesday, June 12, 2012


***Wedding photos to come, it was beautiful and went so great, despite little mishaps like Ellie pooping on my bridesmaid's dress two hours before the ceremony***

Sunday morning we took a little side trip.  We were in New Jersey for Josh and Kristi's wedding, but felt it would be a shame to be SO close to the Atlantic Ocean and not head that direction!  James and I both really wanted to visit a lighthouse, so we loaded up the kids (and Jen!) and visited Cape May.  There's a real live lighthouse and I realized I'm blessed to not have a fear of heights!  We hiked up 199 steps to the viewing deck at the top of the lighthouse, me wearing Ellie and James carrying Elijah.  That hike was a great workout!  When we got to the top we saw a little old lady who sits up there to answer questions and give information to the tourists.  I was embarrassed that apparently she can climb those steps without any problem...

 We had a short window of time, so we made a super quick stop by the beach!  We saw a scary looking horseshoe crab that I would NOT want to run into in a dark alley...or beach...or anywhere, really.  Elijah did not like walking on the sand, even with his tennis shoes on-the unstable ground was a challenge for him, but he made it!  He didn't want to feel the water, but Jen and I stuck our feet in real quick (BRRRR!!!!).

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