Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Caterpillar Crawl Date Night

James and I had the funnest date night last night!  My parents and sister kept the kids for us and we went to State Street, the street that's on the border between Tennessee and Virginia.  We got dinner at a fun sandwich pub place, and then we did the most random awesome scavenger hunt: the Caterpillar Crawl!  There are 10 bronze sculptures hidden along the street, different scenes from Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  James had printed off the scavenger hunt clues before we left, so we tracked down all the sculptures and took my picture with each one.  It was hilarious and super fun!  Here are the photos with the clue that led us to each one:

Now our hunt has just begun, find caterpillar number 1.
At the farmer's market is where you'll look.  See him perched upon a book.

You'll find him eating an apple this day, near the Carter's Family Way.
A big ol' bank's the place to go, in a corner way down low.

Walk past 7th if you dare, to find the fella on a pear.
Another corner on a brick...looking for it is the trick.

As you ponder all these clues, stop to ask, "Do I need new shoes?"
Kinneys would have been the place to buy, on the plum you'll find the guy!

To find caterpillar number 5, go where you'd see performances live!
On a sweet strawberry near the ground, he's very close...just look around!

Now cross he road into V-A, but please be safe while on your way.
When you get there make a right, at the corner, the caterpillar's in sight!

Back the way you need to go, can you guess what makes him slow?
Behind a column on a cupcake, feeling full with a big stomach ache!

Number 8, now we're almost done!  Aren't you having so much fun?
If you wanted money, where would you go?  On a step, you'll find a fat caterpillar moving slow.
Number 9 you must find soon, for our small friend is now a cocoon!
Toward the corner of Piedmont and State, on the guardrail is where he'll wait.

Alas, our time has flown right by and now we have a butterfly!
Where's the final spot you need to look?  Same place you'd go to read a book!

Here we are at the restaurant!  We had a great time-we've been around lots of family and other people for the last week and a half, which has been such a treat, but it was also fun to get away just the two of us for a bit!  Thanks, Abuela, Abuelo, and Tia for keeping the little munchkins!

 This is a reconstruction of a photo from our honeymoon.  Well, I guess it's not because in that photo James is doing a thumbs-up, but either way, Elijah loves "the Statue!" so we stopped for this picture!

 Here we are in front of the Paramount Theater.  It was supposed to be having some live music performances but it was deserted.  Oh, well, we had a great time without them!  :)

And finally, of course we had to get a picture on the border of VA and TN!  We may or may not have stood in the middle of the street and the raildroad tracks to get this picture.  It wouldn't have been us if it hadn't been an adventure!

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