Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ellie's Room

 We finally set up the crib, changing our guest room into Ellie's room for the last few months of living in our current place.  Pray we find the right place to move into, by the way?  Thanks!  Anyway, I was eager to see how it looked all put together.  You may remember that I made all the bedding and stuff for Ellie's room, so I was excited to see the finished (at least for now) product!

Here's the crib (the guest bed is folded up against the wall off to the side, as you can see):

 And the letters above the crib-adorable!!!

And the glider-so fun to sit in it and rock a baby again!!  :) 
 Here's what the room really looks like from the doorway!  I'm not putting up her curtains in this house, but after we move we can figure that out!

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