Thursday, June 21, 2012

EZ Vacation Fun

Elijah had a blast on our vacation these last two weeks!  Here are some of the awesome things he got to do!

Learn to put on deodorant (roll-on soap):

Play with Abuelo's iPhone:
Watch the cuckoo clock:
Play with one of the dolls Mommy and Abuela played with when they were growing up:
Read books from Mom's childhood:
Hang out in an awesome box fort:

Make faces with Abuelo:
Give Percy a bath:

Put stickers on the box fort to decorate it:

Unfortunately, sometimes his picture smile looks pretty painful...
Run around a LOT and collect sticks:
Watch Winnie-the-Pooh about twenty times on our road trip:
Take tiny naps (or none...):
Play the piano!!!
Play the zither:

 Play the guitar:
Play multiple instruments at once:

Play with new friends:

Have his whole family copy his facial expression for a picture:
Find mice with Abuelo:
Love on his sister:
Read with Abuelo:
Play more in his fort:
Read with Mommy and Ellie:
Take a bath and play with all the toys Mommy and Tia Jen and Uncle Josh had growing up:

Play on Daddy's computer:
Rearrange the garden ornaments in Lita's yard:
Read some more in his fort:
And, of course, practice for his big role in Josh & Kristi's wedding:

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