Saturday, June 16, 2012

Josh & Kristi's Wedding!!!!!

Oh, friends and family!  It isn't every day you get to be a part of such a fabulous, special, God-honoring wedding, and it was SUCH A JOY to celebrate with Josh and Kristi as they joined their lives together before God a week ago.  Pictures (especially quickly snapped with James' iPhone) can't do it justice, but I still have to try to tell you about this beautiful day!

Three of the four of us were in the wedding (Josh & Kristi are SO thoughtful and honoring, such a theme throughout the day!).  Here we are before the ceremony (before Ellie pooped on me).  James' tie matched my dress, and I made Elijah's tie from a striped fabric that used lots of the colors of the wedding.

Here Elijah is proudly displaying his ensemble.  This is before he added the suspenders, which was such a stylin' and fun touch!

Elijah and the flower girl-ADORABLE!  Elijah's been talking about her as his newest little friend.  Her mom (Kristi's sister in law Amanda) MADE her dress, and it was every little girl's dream!  22 yards of tulle, appliques from Amanda's wedding dress, and colorful ribbons.  It even cinched up like a bride's dress could for the reception.  Amazing!  Here the two of them are sharing yogurt raisins.  :)

If you saw my facebook status after the wedding, you may be waiting to hear the story of Ellie pooping on my bridesmaid's dress.  Well, here it is!  Ellie has started pooping out of her diapers.  It happened first on the plane flight to Tennessee two weeks ago, and since then has probably happened 4 or 5 times!  She must be outgrowing her diapers, because I can't think of another explanation!  Bummer since we still have a TON of size 1 diapers left from baby gifts...  Anyway, she goes, and a fountain pours out the top of the back!  So, I was nervous about this, but decided I would just not hold her when I was in my dress.  My cousin Beth was going to hold Ellie for the ceremony, so I planned to feed her in advance (not wearing my dress) and then hand her over.  But poor Ellie must have sensed the tension and flurry of activity around her that day, plus she was coming down with some congestion/cold symptoms.  Whatever the reason, she was throwing a fit right after we arrived at the cottage to take pictures.  She'd eaten two hours before, but she was screaming and crying inconsolably!  The picture-taking wasn't happening yet, and I was feeling more stressed out by the minute, so I decided I'd just nurse her for a bit real quick.  Expecting to be called at any time for pictures, I didn't take off my whole dress, just enough to nurse her (BAD IDEA, CAT!).  A few minutes in, I heard her fill her diaper and immediately lifted her up and away from me, but even in that short moment, poop came running out the top of her diaper and dripped several times on the side of my dress.  I froze.  My worst fears were coming true!!!  Everyone around me was also in their wedding clothes, so I set poor Ellie in her carseat on a burp cloth and Jen grabbed me a wet washcloth to scrub at my dress.  After I cleaned the poop off, of course I had huge wet spots, so I changed Ellie's diaper and cleaned her up, then found a separate room where I could strip off my dress and nurse Ellie safely.  Jen took the dress outside to wave around in the sun, and I prayed over and sang to Ellie, hoping desperately for her to calm down.  Finally, I got tons of huge deep burps out of her, she calmed down, and Jen ran back with my dress practically dry just in case for us to go take pictures.  I frantically ran Ellie over to my dad (in her carseat, in just a shirt and her diaper), and actually never got a chance to put her in her pretty dress before the wedding!  :)  She did great after that, though, and Beth was a LIFESAVER to hold her during the wedding!

There was a hymn sing before the ceremony.  I'd never heard of this before, but it was beautiful, from what I hear.  The bridesmaids kept the bride company in a little cottage waiting for the ceremony.  Here's Kristi trying to see/hear what's going on!  They had some super talented musicians-impressive!  

Another idea I'd never seen before was this streamer pole.  Since the wedding was outside, and Kristi had to walk out from the cottage, two bridesmaids carried this pole decorated with streamers in front of her to hide her from view.  It was a fun idea-so creative!
Since we were in the wedding, we don't have pictures of the ceremony, sorry, but it was truly beautiful.  I cried my way through it, so thrilled with how Josh has turned into such a great young man and has found such a precious, sweet, quality woman to marry!

Here are EZ and his new friend at the reception, which was a huge awesome party!  Moonbounce, cotton candy, paper lanterns, popcorn, photo booth, the works!  Kristi put a ton of time into these details and they were amazing!!!
Josh and Kristi pulling up to the reception in the Delorean!
Elijah loved the moonbounce, although the photo doesn't quite show it!
Mr & Mrs Josh Thompson (also in the moonbounce)!
My favorite men!
Tia Jen holding Ellie (burpcloth shield just to be safe...Jen's developed a healthy fear of baby poop):
Mom (Abuela) holding EZ!
Mom and Josh dancing-they did a great job!  Mom's dress was super adorable and they actually danced a real dance, not just a slow dance or something-I was very impressed!
Dad and Kristi, whose dress was also made by her sister-in-law Amanda, who I totally have a girl-crush on because she is SO talented and awesome!
Family picture!

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