Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ellie - 3 Months

Ellie's adorable 4th of July outfit!
 Ellie turned 3 months old on July 4th (happy birthday, Abuelo!)!  I thought she was four months for part of the day (I think because it was the Fourth!) but thankfully James corrected me when I started coloring in a big 4 on the chalkboard to take this picture:
 At 3 months, Ellie weighs 14 pounds (what Elijah weighed at 2 months, I think!) and is a wonderful baby!  She puts herself to sleep pretty easily for 3/4 of her daytime naps, and has decided she is NOT interested in the paci!  She's slept through the night just a few times, but we're very encouraged that she's heading that directions!  She is so happy, just full of smiles and cooing noises!  She's started laughing just a very few times, so we're excited to get to hear more of that!
We moved Ellie to her own room just about a week ago.  We were wanting to wait until she was for sure consistently sleeping through the night, but that's taking longer than it did for Elijah, and we felt like we might all sleep better not in the same room, and it's working well.  She's hitting about half the nights so far for needing to eat in the middle of the night, so it is a little farther of a trek, but it's still working well!  She is such a joyful, cheerful baby and we love having her in our lives!

 Here's a family picture from the Fourth!  :)

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