Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This story starts about two years ago...
One day when Elijah was about two months old, I had what the doctor later called an "atypical neurologic migraine."  It was super weird and freaky-I had tingling and numbness that traveled all over my limbs/body, I threw up a lot, and my brain was spazzing out on me.  I couldn't type all of a sudden, and I couldn't think of the words for simple things I was trying to communicate (fan, water, etc).  All of that preceded the actual headache, but when I was finally able to fall asleep, I woke up a couple hours later feeling perfectly fine!  Another day, a month later, I had a normal migraine, preceded by the floaty lights (aura, I'm told it's called), and then the killer headache, some vomiting, etc.  Again, I was miserable, but when I was finally able to fall asleep, I woke up later and felt fine!  I didn't realize these were migraines until I talked to my mom on the phone after the second one and she informed me that that's what I was experiencing!  She started having migraines (induced by chocolate and caffeine, sadly!) after my little brother was born, so she knew exactly what was happening to me.  When I went to the doctor, he gave me two samples of a migraine medicine and talked some about trying to figure out what was triggering them, etc.  He also said if I'd called him during the first one he would have sent me to the ER.  Lovely.

Well, fast forward two years.  I never had to take the med samples he gave me and had thought about throwing them away, even as recently as last week!  Ellie is three months old, and I was thankful that that hadn't happened again this time.  However, yesterday we experimented with some changes in the lighting for our church service, and during the time that we were there, I felt like the light were making my eyes do weird things.  It reminded me of the pre-migraine aura from last time, but I asked the people I was with if their eyes felt weird from the lights, and they said it was strange, so I dismissed it.  After a while, though, I could tell it was something MY eyes/body was doing, and my head started feeling weird.  Before I left, I warned James half-jokingly that I was going to call him if I ended up with a migraine.  Ironically, half an hour later, that's exactly what I had!  I made it home and put the kids to bed but I could feel myself crashing.  I was feeling worse and worse and just wanted to go crawl into bed.

I am SO thankful that James works with people who are so understanding.  I called him to come home at 2:30 (when Ellie woke up from a short nap and I still hadn't been able to fall asleep) and he took over with the kids and I was finally able to sleep.  This time I did take one of the medicine samples the doctor had given me, and even before I fell asleep (about an hour after taking it), I could feel that it was starting to work, starting to ease the pounding in my head.  I wonder if that means my migraines are not as bad as others' because I know people whose headaches don't respond to medication.  Either way, I'm very thankful!  After I woke up, I felt about 80% better.  I still had to avoid bright light, and was nervous about food after having emptied my stomach earlier, but have just felt better and better since then!  A very difficult aspect of all this was that I couldn't nurse Ellie with the meds in my system.  Well, she's taken a bottle of pumped milk a couple times before, but it'd been a long time, and then we tried giving her a bottle on Sunday and she just refused to drink it.  She tried and cried but it was a no go, so Sunday I just ended up nursing her after all.  That wasn't an option yesterday, and she still wouldn't take the bottle, even with another type of bottle we borrowed from some friends.  It was a ROUGH evening at the Wise household because poor little Ellie was so miserable-hungry, tired, cranky-yikes!  We were able to get a couple ounces in her throughout the whole evening between the two types of bottles and a medicine dropper and a syringe, but let me just tell you we ALL felt WAY better when I was finally able to nurse her again!

I sure don't want to repeat that experience again, and I plan to be a lot more careful about lights if I think I'm feeling funny, cuz at least this time I had a clue about what triggered it.  I am SO thankful for James and his sacrificial love for me and our family.  He had a GREAT attitude and just took care of everything for me while I recovered.  He was so kind and patient and gracious.  I am so blessed!  :)

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  1. So sad that it happened again! Praying you don't have to deal with another one ever again, but if you do, I am grateful you have someone who takes such good care of you and "the kids." I must admit - it was like an out of body experience when I read that phrase at the end of the second paragraph. It's like, you're grown or something...

    Love you!