Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to the Real World

We recently attended our organization's biennial conference with all the US and international church plant staff.  It was WONDERFUL!  We were in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, enjoying cooler temperatures, basking in the presence of God!  We got to enjoy wonderful worship, challenging teachings, delicious food, lovely accommodations, deal friends, and much more!  James and I both really met with the Lord and came away changed-what a great conference!  Coming back from the trip, though, was quite an adventure...

When we arrived back at our car after our flight home, lugging both kiddos, 2 pack-n-plays, suitcases, backpacks, diapers, etc, our car wouldn't start.  We hadn't had any trouble with it before we left, but when we tried to start it, NOTHING happened.  We were in Austin, with a 2 hour drive back to College Station.  Wow!  We prayed and tried again.  Still nothing.  We asked several people if they had jumper cables (No, we don't have them in my car.  Yes, I know I probably should.  I also need a jack ever since my last one got bent changing a tire 7 years ago...).  People were kind, and several even checked their vehicles, but they kept coming up empty.  Finally, a gentleman offered to remove our battery, put it in his car, start it, put it back in our car, etc.  When he opened his truck to get the tools to do that, he found his jumper cables!  So we tried for a while to jump the car.  We poured coke on our battery (it was badly corroded and that helps) and now I feel all handy knowing that trick.  Sadly, though, the car still wouldn't start.  Another man that had been watching/helping then offered to take James to an auto parts store to buy a new battery, and then show him how to change it out in the car.  What a BLESSING these men were!  So, off James went to purchase a car battery and to learn a new skill.  PRAISE THE LORD, it worked!  It was a rough welcome back to Texas after our great trip, but really, I think everyone had really great attitudes and we were thankful to finally be on the road headed back to College Station!

When we got home to our duplex, it was HOT.  I had intentionally not turned the air unreasonably high because last year when we went to India I did turn the air up a lot and it was SO miserable to come home to.  We had a friend house- and dog-sitting, so we left the air at a comfortable temperature.  My first thought was that he must have bumped it up, though I couldn't imagine why.  He left us a note on the table that he'd just turned the air down to make it more comfortable for us when we arrived.  So I was really confused at the 93 degree temp we came home to-I had intentionally tried to avoid that.  But the air was on when we arrived, so we expected it to soon get more comfortable.  We put the kids to bed, but Ellie was really uncomfortable with the heat.  We finally got her to go down by setting her up in the pack-n-play in the living room with no pajamas on and the fan going right above her.  We opened several windows and a door to let the air circulate, and got the temp down to 88!  We thought the air must be working now so when we went to bed, we closed all the windows again so the house would cool down and went to sleep, telling ourselves it'd be more comfortable when we woke up...but it wasn't.  When we woke for Ellie's middle of the night feeding, it was STILL 88 degrees.  I thought it felt like when I have a fever, except it was coming from external heat instead of internal!  We concluded that the air conditioning was broken and opened the windows up again, vowing to call our property managers AS SOON as they opened in the morning.  Thankfully, we all survived, though we sweated a LOT, and the repairman had the temperature lowering by 9:30 the next morning.  It took all day to get back down to 75 since I was also running the washing machine and dryer most of the day (just returned from an 8 day trip, remember!), but it felt SO MUCH BETTER and I am so thankful for our cool air every time I think about it now!

We're not sure what that was all about but we're glad to have those things fixed!!!  :)

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