Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ellie 4 Months

Time goes by so quickly!!!  Ellie is already 4 months old!  We'll learn her official stats after her doctor's apt on Friday, but for now, our estimates from home are that she weighs about 15.6 lbs and is about 26" long.  I JUST moved her into 3-6 month clothes and, big surprise, she is STILL ADORABLE!

She is such a smiling, happy girl!  She's patient with her big brother's love, hugs, and kisses, though she did pull his hair last week.  She falls asleep so well on her own, I can't even believe it!  She is sleeping through the night a couple times a week, though just two nights ago I started trying something new and so far it's working awesome-when she wakes up in the middle of the night, fussing or crying, I turn off the baby monitor and set my alarm for ten minutes.  Both times she has fallen back asleep on her own by the time I start listening again at ten minutes!  That's exciting!  Two days is hardly a new habit, but I hope it's coming!  :)

Every once in a while, she tries so hard to roll over, so I'm sure she'll do it soon.  She loves chewing on her hands, though it's not a thumb-sucking at all.  She is becoming quite a drooler! She's getting good at holding on to certain toys, which Elijah loves because now she actually receives the gifts he brings her!  Can't wait to see them really play together soon!!!  :)

 Elijah LOVES for Ellie to sit in her bumbo.  I don't know why, but it makes him so happy!

 Elijah wanted in on this photo shoot.  PRECIOUS!

 EZ wanted to share his stuffed animal friends.

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  1. I love for her to sit in her bumbo, too! So cute!!