Sunday, September 30, 2012


At Ellie's 4 month appointment, I showed the doctor a rash that had just broken out all over her skin.  It totally freaked me out, but he wasn't concerned at all.  "Eczema," he said, and proceeded to tell me what soaps, moisturizers, and lotions to use to best help her skin.  He instructed me to try to bathe her daily to expose her to more moisture, and warned me away from the baby wash I'd been using since Elijah was born!  I've been following his instructions, and while at some points her skin has somewhat cleared up, overall, it's not gone away.  A couple weeks ago, certain patches got really bad, and I was afraid it was no longer simply eczema.  The insides of her elbows got horribly red, and actually started weeping-as in her skin was producing moisture.  Not pus, exactly, but still-not good!  We were headed out of town but I stopped using any creams in case it was an allergic reaction, and within a couple days, the top skin all peeled off and new skin grew in underneath.  Since then, it's been back and forth on her inner elbows, her neck, and the backs of her knees just looking really red and peely, and the rash has returned more pronounced.  I finally caved and took her back to the doctor this week, even though I figured he's say it was just eczema.  Fortunately, though it was still the eczema, it was good that I took her in because he gave me prescriptions for a couple stronger creams to put on her skin.  So it's not wasted...I didn't want to be the mom that cried wolf, you know?  I took Elijah in one time for what was actually just baby acne...  :)
One doctor did say Elijah had a touch of eczema when he was tiny, but it was never anything serious, we never had to even be real careful about putting lotion on him.  With Ellie, though, I'm afraid it's a legitimate diagnosis-her skin looks different when she goes two days without a bath, and it's clearly dry, red, and itchy.  We pray this won't be a long-lasting issue for her, but are thankful that it's still a minor one!  It's very normal for babies to experience and they often outgrow it!  :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Recent Fun Stuff

 Some of the fun things we've been doing lately...
Chalk road for toy cars:
Ninja fast moves playing in the rain:

 Watching Elijah play in the rain:
 MuscleMan!!!  This is Elijah's FAVORITE thing right now (unfortunately, the inflatable giant just came down, but he hasn't noticed yet.  He talks about it all the time, though-"Look, Mommy, I Muscle Man!!!")
 Ellie keeping me company in the kitchen playing in her exersaucer:
 Making hand and footprints outside:

 Mr Potato Head has been VERY popular lately.  See Ellie wanting to get in on the action?
 Rocking Horse!
 And of course, the guitar!
 Still looking as cute as ever!  (Both of them!)
 Rock Star!

 Taking out the recycling "I Muscle Man!":

Friday, September 28, 2012

Texas State Aquarium

We were in Corpus Christi for a wedding last weekend.  We took a morning to visit the Texas State Aquarium, hoping Elijah would be fascinated by the fish and everything.  He definitely thought it was awesome!
  We could also see the USS Lexington from the Aquarium.  Elijah is still talking about the big boat with the airplanes/airport on it.

 The dolphins in this show splashed the audience!

 Some dear friends from here in College Station were there, too, and it was sweet to make memories with them.  Here are the two boys watching the dolphins.

 Elijah was being very affectionate.  He kept hugging his friends, but we were kinda afraid he was trying to kiss them...

 Ellie hung out in the stroller, but here is proof that she was there, too!  :)


The big sea turtle kept coming by and waving at Elijah.  He was thrilled!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sibling Love

 I'm just so excited for these two to be best friends.  You can already see that they love each other.  Just look at the way they interact in these pictures!  :)
Getting ready for bed:
This one is one of my favorite pictures of them so far!  :)
 This sequence is precious-Elijah didn't want to hold still, he kept pulling her with him to fall onto the floor, which they both thought was hilarious!

 Elijah finds it hysterical whenever I set both of them down in either of their cribs.  :)
 Their shirts here say "Big Brother" and "Little Sis"!!!  Adorable!  :)

 There are usually TWO children in this toy...

 Elijah sharing his love of reading with his little sister.

 (Notice Ellie moving even in these few pictures.  She's not holding still for long!)
 Elijah pulled Ellie's bottle out of the fridge and offered it to her randomly the other day.  How thoughtful!