Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ellie's 5 Months

Our sweet baby girl is already 5 months old!  I can't believe it!  I feel like it's all happening so quickly-how is it already this time!  And it's been such a big month...she had started rolling over both directions (back to tummy and tummy to back), started playing in her exersaucer and her jumper, started solid foods, slept through the night almost the whole month, and is getting close to sitting up on her own!

 I haven't weighed or measured her recently, but I think she's just past 16 lbs...or she was two weeks ago... She's definitely growing!  I had to put a couple of the smallest clothes from the 3-6 month batch away already because they're too short for her.  Most of it definitely still fits, for now!  :)

 Starting when she turned four months, I started not feeding her right when she woke up at night, and lo and behold, she just fussed for two or three minutes and then fell back asleep!  So from four months until right before she turned five, she's slept through the night, with occasional fussing for a few minutes that didn't require any help falling back asleep!  What a great baby!  About a week ago, though, she started waking up at night again, and not falling back asleep.  So I've been feeding her around 2:30am again (and am soooo tired!!) and we've started the rice cereal, since this was our clue for starting it for Elijah, too, and it started right when he turned five months, as well!  Hopefully soon she'll sleep more soundly again...  :)

 Preparing for the big event:

 She did great!  I'm not sure how much she actually got in her mouth and kept in there, because I know it ended up all over the place, but she's willing and eager, so that's good!  :)

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