Saturday, September 29, 2012

Recent Fun Stuff

 Some of the fun things we've been doing lately...
Chalk road for toy cars:
Ninja fast moves playing in the rain:

 Watching Elijah play in the rain:
 MuscleMan!!!  This is Elijah's FAVORITE thing right now (unfortunately, the inflatable giant just came down, but he hasn't noticed yet.  He talks about it all the time, though-"Look, Mommy, I Muscle Man!!!")
 Ellie keeping me company in the kitchen playing in her exersaucer:
 Making hand and footprints outside:

 Mr Potato Head has been VERY popular lately.  See Ellie wanting to get in on the action?
 Rocking Horse!
 And of course, the guitar!
 Still looking as cute as ever!  (Both of them!)
 Rock Star!

 Taking out the recycling "I Muscle Man!":

1 comment:

  1. How blessed Elijah is! He has his very own teacher every day! I remember, Cat, you doing some of those activities in your classroom with your kids, and now Elijah (and Ellie) get the teacher all to themselves!
    What a good idea you have, James! You are getting the Mohawk out of Elijah's system now so that when he grows up he won't want one! Brilliant strategy! :)
    Elijah sure IS a muscle man! How else could he carry all those bags of recyclables? I love how, James, you are teaching him to love work! ANYTHING he gets to do with Daddy is fun!
    I can't get over what great eye contact Ellie makes with the camara! I can tell already that she is going to be quite the people person! (How could she not be, with the three great examples she has living in the house with her!) -Abuela