Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sibling Love

 I'm just so excited for these two to be best friends.  You can already see that they love each other.  Just look at the way they interact in these pictures!  :)
Getting ready for bed:
This one is one of my favorite pictures of them so far!  :)
 This sequence is precious-Elijah didn't want to hold still, he kept pulling her with him to fall onto the floor, which they both thought was hilarious!

 Elijah finds it hysterical whenever I set both of them down in either of their cribs.  :)
 Their shirts here say "Big Brother" and "Little Sis"!!!  Adorable!  :)

 There are usually TWO children in this toy...

 Elijah sharing his love of reading with his little sister.

 (Notice Ellie moving even in these few pictures.  She's not holding still for long!)
 Elijah pulled Ellie's bottle out of the fridge and offered it to her randomly the other day.  How thoughtful!

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  1. I can see that he is going to be the protective big brother of his beloved little sister. That is exciting, too! I am thinking of how Jewel's life changed when you came home with Elijah- now she has a new playmate! Similarly, Elijah's life will never be the same now that Ellie is in his life. You can see the sheer joy on his face as he interacts with her, and you can see how much SHE loves interacting with HIM! Best friends, indeed! -Mom