Friday, September 28, 2012

Texas State Aquarium

We were in Corpus Christi for a wedding last weekend.  We took a morning to visit the Texas State Aquarium, hoping Elijah would be fascinated by the fish and everything.  He definitely thought it was awesome!
  We could also see the USS Lexington from the Aquarium.  Elijah is still talking about the big boat with the airplanes/airport on it.

 The dolphins in this show splashed the audience!

 Some dear friends from here in College Station were there, too, and it was sweet to make memories with them.  Here are the two boys watching the dolphins.

 Elijah was being very affectionate.  He kept hugging his friends, but we were kinda afraid he was trying to kiss them...

 Ellie hung out in the stroller, but here is proof that she was there, too!  :)


The big sea turtle kept coming by and waving at Elijah.  He was thrilled!

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  1. What wonderful photography! What wonderful memories! I feel honored to have gotten to share in the aquarium-excitement by sending an aquatic animal sticker to your home in the mail! -Abuela