Saturday, October 27, 2012


I just love our sweet kiddos so much!  They're adorable and hilarious!  I'm always trying to get pictures of the things they're doing...

Here's Elijah playing with a big key-shaped rattle toy of Ellie's.  He was pretending to talk on the phone to his friend Jacob.  He was having a whole conversation-what a riot!

 Here's Ellie at lifegroup last week.  Just getting in a little quiet reading time...
 Here's Ellie's first swinging experience-she liked it!
 About a week later, here's the two of them swinging together.  This is Elijah learning how to swing on the big kid swing, and he was so tickled that "we bof 'wingin'!"
 This is how Elijah watched his movie the other day.
 SO proud of himself learning how to use this swing.  "My knees catch me!"  :)
 What a helper!  He offered Ellie some of his applesauce, and when she made this face, said, "I know, it's cold, Ellie!"
 Trying again.  She liked it!
 He hopped up on the chair with his guitar and said, "It's worship time!"  He went on to sing what he knows is Mommy's favorite worship song, "My Portion is You."
I love this life!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ellie's Baby Dedication

 We dedicated sweet Ellie to the Lord a couple weeks ago.  Here is the group photo of all the kiddos who got dedicated this time around-we are so blessed to be a part of this awesome church family, and to be raising our kids with so many godly influences and friends around us!

We really pray that Ellie will be a joyful representation of the freedom and restoration of God.  We are honored to have been entrusted with her life, to raise her in the Kingdom, and to get to love on and kiss her little face as often as we want!  :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Elijah's Author Debut

 We have an AWESOME babysitter who Elijah currently calls "Miss Minzie."  The rest of us call her Lindsey...  :)  Last week she helped him write a book!  He drew pictures and then told her what was happening in each picture.  Here is the result-so awesomely hilarious!!!  This book is for Daddy.  We don't know what a "bot" is.

 (No, you're not suddenly colorblind.  It's really brown.  When he reads this book to us, though, he often says brown, but sometimes still says green.  Who knows what is going on in his little mind?)

I have no words.  I LOVE it!  :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ellie's First Solids

Wow.  I can't believe this video is already a month old!  But it's a video of Ellie's first solid foods, and now she regularly enjoys squash and bananas in addition to the rice cereal! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ellie Jumping

Video removed to conserve storage space

This one's for the grandparents!  There's not too much actually happening in this video, but Ellie is just so adorable... here she's enjoying the jumper.  I remember Elijah loving it at her age and can't believe now it's our SECOND child playing in it!!!  :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Big Boy Bed Video

Video removed to conserve storage space

Here's Elijah showing off his big boy bed.  I laid Ellie on his bed earlier in the day for a minute and she ended up peeing on his bed, and the only clean sheet I had was for HER room...sorry his bed is now immortalized in purple!  :(

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Big Boy Bed

 People!  We have achieved another great milestone in the Wise household!  Elijah has graduated to a BIG BOY BED!!!!!!!!!  He is super thrilled about this accomplishment, and has been ever since we pitched it to him.

Here he is helping Daddy take the front off his crib:

 Helping put the mattress back on:
 Trying it out for the first time (he's thrilled that he can climb up by himself!):
 This is awesome!
 His favorite part!

 Having a talk with Daddy about the rules (STAY IN MY BIG BOY BED):

 Practicing what it will be like to sleep in:

 But what if you fall out?
 I get back in my bed or call Mommy and Daddy for help (or in reality, I cry til Mommy and Daddy rescue me...six of one, half dozen of the other)
 Shaking on their arrangement:
  I love the relationship these two men in my life have!
 The first thing Elijah did was pull out ALL the books he owns to celebrate!  :)
 It's gone really well!  He's doing well staying in the bed, both when he's going to sleep and after he wakes up.  He has fallen out several times and sometimes seemed pretty confused about what happened (once when we came in, he just whined, "It dark!"), but always goes back to sleep very quickly and easily.  We're so proud of him!  :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Go Daddy Go

I am so proud of James!  This morning he is running a HALF MARATHON!  I am so impressed with how diligently he has trained, rain or shine, dark or light, so persistently, so achieve this goal!  I'll post pics later, but for now, here is Elijah's impression of Daddy running and Elijah encouraging him:

Video removed to conserve storage space

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ellie-6 Months

 Where has the time gone?!  I can't believe this precious, long-awaited tiny bundle is already half a year old!  She seems to be growing and reaching milestones just before our very eyes!!!
 She is such a constant joy!  She has her official 6 month appointment this week, so I don't have all the stats, but I know she's right at 17 lbs.
She's rolling all over the place, squirming and trying to crawl.  She can scoot backwards some, but it's not super purposeful.  She is just starting to try to get up on all fours, so we'll see how long that process takes-I've never had a baby that crawls before, so this is new territory!
She's eating rice cereal and pureed squash these days.  Exciting stuff!  :)  She's still nursing 6 times a day and doing great with her sleeping schedule.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I really love this age!!!  :)
 As you can see, she's sitting up on her own now.  Not super awesomely, but she sure enjoys the perspective of the world from up there!  She's also ALWAYS chewing on something...often her hands, or someone else's fingers...

 This dress was mine and Jen's when we were little, but it actually was made by my grandma, Lita, for MY mom's first birthday!  I can't believe it-what a neat link through the generations!  I think it looks like Ellie is a little china doll!  Adorable!!!  It's just so perfect and feminine...

 And these pics are hilarious.  Every time we try to do an Ellie photo shoot, Elijah pulls out his blanket and all his stuffed animals and joins right in.  Watch him change faces here-HYSTERICAL!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

School Decisions

I was talking with a friend this week and I realized something.  I have been holding myself back from getting excited about certain things to protect myself from potentially getting disappointed.  This is NOT how I want to live, I don't think it's very healthy or very fun, but I noticed it in several areas.  A small example:

--my new iphone!  I knew I needed to upgrade my cell phone (it died the DAY before we had already planned to go trade it in-how's that for God's perfect timing?!?!) and James thought I should get an iphone.  I was excited but acted pretty reserved about it, just in case it didn't work out.  Maybe we misunderstood the cost (did you know the 4s is only $100 now that the new ones are out?!?!) and we wouldn't be willing to afford it.  Maybe the store wouldn't let me have one (I have realized that this fear is seeded in a few bad experiences with our last cell phone company where that is exactly what happened-I went in for an upgrade that one employee had promised me and then it was a big hassle and I didn't get the phone).  It was like I was protecting myself, so I didn't let myself get excited about it, or even plan to have one, until I walked out with that phone in my hands.

 The real example:
--Elijah's schooling-I know we are still years away from Elijah being ready to enroll in school.  As I anticipate that time, though, of course, there are several options.  Public school, private school, homeschool...well, a couple years ago, I heard of a certain type of school that I thought was AMAZING.  Basically it's a classical university model school, where students attend this private school 2-3 days a week, and study at home the other 2-3 days a week.  The teachers at the school assign work, give assessments, etc, but the parents are also very involved with teaching, as well as review and practice, etc.  I LOVE this idea!  It feels to me like the ideal hybrid.  I would LOVE to be deeply involved in my children's education, and I think homeschooling would be really awesome.  But I also love the idea of my children getting the benefits of the organized system-an established school obviously has more resources and opportunities of certain types than I would have access to as an individual parent.  Plus, there's the lovely idea of a couple days "free" each week... And it's a classical education, which isn't hugely important to me, but definitely sounds good.  Well, a friend of mine here in College Station is working on starting one of these schools!  I should be over the moon, right?  These aren't super common, and now my kids could have the chance to attend one!!!  No, instead, my thought process is so reserved.  "Well, we'll see.  I don't know if that's even what we'll choose to do..."  I realized this week that I'm trying to keep my emotions out of the pictures because I'm afraid we WON'T get to be a part of this!  I know private school is expensive and it sounds like such a silly thing to spend money on when I could educate them at home for significantly less.  And no, we don't know yet which direction God is calling us, but I think that it IS okay for me to have a hope and a desire.  It is YEARS away and we have NO idea what God will speak, but if He does call us to the classical university model school, He will make a way, and I don't need to pretend I don't want it-that's not living in faith, that's living in fear!

Those are my thoughts about this...and an attempt at being real-I would LOVE for my kids to get to attend this school.  Years down the road!  :)