Sunday, October 7, 2012

Big Boy Bed

 People!  We have achieved another great milestone in the Wise household!  Elijah has graduated to a BIG BOY BED!!!!!!!!!  He is super thrilled about this accomplishment, and has been ever since we pitched it to him.

Here he is helping Daddy take the front off his crib:

 Helping put the mattress back on:
 Trying it out for the first time (he's thrilled that he can climb up by himself!):
 This is awesome!
 His favorite part!

 Having a talk with Daddy about the rules (STAY IN MY BIG BOY BED):

 Practicing what it will be like to sleep in:

 But what if you fall out?
 I get back in my bed or call Mommy and Daddy for help (or in reality, I cry til Mommy and Daddy rescue me...six of one, half dozen of the other)
 Shaking on their arrangement:
  I love the relationship these two men in my life have!
 The first thing Elijah did was pull out ALL the books he owns to celebrate!  :)
 It's gone really well!  He's doing well staying in the bed, both when he's going to sleep and after he wakes up.  He has fallen out several times and sometimes seemed pretty confused about what happened (once when we came in, he just whined, "It dark!"), but always goes back to sleep very quickly and easily.  We're so proud of him!  :)

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  1. Cat, I too love the relationship those two men in your life have! I've always heard that to children, work is fun, if they get to do it with a parent. That sure is true in Elijah's case!
    I am struck with the size of the library he has in his very own room! You said he stays in his bed when he wakes up? Amazing! I wonder if he is sneaking some books into his bed and reading! It is obvious he loves books! I wonder where he gets that?! :)