Monday, October 22, 2012

Elijah's Author Debut

 We have an AWESOME babysitter who Elijah currently calls "Miss Minzie."  The rest of us call her Lindsey...  :)  Last week she helped him write a book!  He drew pictures and then told her what was happening in each picture.  Here is the result-so awesomely hilarious!!!  This book is for Daddy.  We don't know what a "bot" is.

 (No, you're not suddenly colorblind.  It's really brown.  When he reads this book to us, though, he often says brown, but sometimes still says green.  Who knows what is going on in his little mind?)

I have no words.  I LOVE it!  :)

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  1. Dear,
    I marvel that each of you kids showed in childhood elements of the gifts God would one day lead you to use as adults; for example, you always loved working with kids, and, sure enough, you because a teacher! So, I am thinking that EZ loves books, and music, ...and writing! I am curious to see how God might weave these loves of his into his future! What a special souvenir this, his first book, it!
    Love, Mom