Friday, October 5, 2012

Ellie-6 Months

 Where has the time gone?!  I can't believe this precious, long-awaited tiny bundle is already half a year old!  She seems to be growing and reaching milestones just before our very eyes!!!
 She is such a constant joy!  She has her official 6 month appointment this week, so I don't have all the stats, but I know she's right at 17 lbs.
She's rolling all over the place, squirming and trying to crawl.  She can scoot backwards some, but it's not super purposeful.  She is just starting to try to get up on all fours, so we'll see how long that process takes-I've never had a baby that crawls before, so this is new territory!
She's eating rice cereal and pureed squash these days.  Exciting stuff!  :)  She's still nursing 6 times a day and doing great with her sleeping schedule.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I really love this age!!!  :)
 As you can see, she's sitting up on her own now.  Not super awesomely, but she sure enjoys the perspective of the world from up there!  She's also ALWAYS chewing on something...often her hands, or someone else's fingers...

 This dress was mine and Jen's when we were little, but it actually was made by my grandma, Lita, for MY mom's first birthday!  I can't believe it-what a neat link through the generations!  I think it looks like Ellie is a little china doll!  Adorable!!!  It's just so perfect and feminine...

 And these pics are hilarious.  Every time we try to do an Ellie photo shoot, Elijah pulls out his blanket and all his stuffed animals and joins right in.  Watch him change faces here-HYSTERICAL!


  1. Hi! Cat, Ellie looks so adorable and so grown up. Your Mom called me to see if I checked your latest blog and if I recognized the dress Ellie was wearing.I certainly recognized the dress and Ellie looks "like a china doll, adorable,perfect and feminine. You mentioned that Jen and you wore the dress too, I imagine you looked as stunning wearing it. One thing that you didn't mention is that another little girl was the first owner of that dress. It was custom made by her mother (me) for her first birthday (your Mom). Boy did it bring back wonderful memories. I am so glad that Ellie is able to wear it too. But let me tell you, the first owner looked as cute as a button, tiny enough to be place on the cake as a decoration. Love you, Lita

  2. You know, after your dad and I got married, I boxed up my wedding dress so a future daughter could wear it one day. It was the same dress MY mother wore for HER wedding! Well, as you know, it was not your size, and so it went back into the box when you got married. However, when you were still little, say, under a year old, you wore ANOTHER dress, which, after you outgrew, I stored in that box alongside my wedding dress, and although I wasn't able to pass along to you my wedding dress, I WAS able to pass along to you the other dress, for YOUR daughter to wear, and it fits perfectly! It is truly an heirloom! Thanks, Lita!