Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ellie Jumping

Video removed to conserve storage space

This one's for the grandparents!  There's not too much actually happening in this video, but Ellie is just so adorable... here she's enjoying the jumper.  I remember Elijah loving it at her age and can't believe now it's our SECOND child playing in it!!!  :)

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  1. This could very well have been called, instead of "Ellie Jumping," "Ellie Jumping and Chewing." I appreciate so much that you made this specifically for the grandparents. I viewed it over and over again to glean everything I could about my little granddaughter, and here is what I learned: Yes, Ellie likes to jump, but did you notice that when her little hand randomly found a chew toy, she stopped jumping to concentrate? Once she got it in her mouth she started jumping again! Yes, this could easily have been called "Ellie Jumping and Chewing"! She obviously loves to do both!
    -Proud Abuela