Saturday, October 27, 2012


I just love our sweet kiddos so much!  They're adorable and hilarious!  I'm always trying to get pictures of the things they're doing...

Here's Elijah playing with a big key-shaped rattle toy of Ellie's.  He was pretending to talk on the phone to his friend Jacob.  He was having a whole conversation-what a riot!

 Here's Ellie at lifegroup last week.  Just getting in a little quiet reading time...
 Here's Ellie's first swinging experience-she liked it!
 About a week later, here's the two of them swinging together.  This is Elijah learning how to swing on the big kid swing, and he was so tickled that "we bof 'wingin'!"
 This is how Elijah watched his movie the other day.
 SO proud of himself learning how to use this swing.  "My knees catch me!"  :)
 What a helper!  He offered Ellie some of his applesauce, and when she made this face, said, "I know, it's cold, Ellie!"
 Trying again.  She liked it!
 He hopped up on the chair with his guitar and said, "It's worship time!"  He went on to sing what he knows is Mommy's favorite worship song, "My Portion is You."
I love this life!!!

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  1. Cat, I love that you love this life!
    It occurred to me how much Jewel's life changed, for the better!, when you came home, ...and when Elijah was born. It occurs to me how much ELIJAH'S life has now changed, FOR THE BETTER!, since Ellie was born! He's so nurturing, and it's so beautiful to see him interact with her, and talk to her, as lovingly as you do! Yet, he plays so well by himself too! I love his telephone etiquette, and his TV-watching perch, and his insight into how to make yourself swing backwards (brilliant description!), and his serenade to the Lord, and to YOU! What a great playmate Ellie has!