Monday, November 5, 2012

Ellie is 7 Months Old!

 Oh, people!  I must be just the absolute definition of a proud parent!  I just can't narrow down my favorites of this photo shoot anymore!  What a beautiful 7 month old baby girl we have!!!
 Ellie weighs around 18 lbs now, and she just looks to be growing by the day!  She is such a cheerful, interactive little baby!  She loves to sit on her blanket and chew on everything within reach.  Sometimes Elijah gets offended because she's chewing on his books that he's trying to read to her...they both devour books, in their own way!  :)
 Ellie has been introduced to a ton of new foods this past month!  She loves almost all of them, even (surprisingly!) peas and green beans.  Sadly, she has yet to completely acknowledge her Texan roots because she doesn't like avocado yet.  In time, we hope she will... :)
 She is so interested in everything going on around her that she will not nurse with other people around.  I've adjusted her feeding schedule so she nurses 5 times a day now, with two solid food meals.  She still just seems to be drinking less milk, and in a much shorter time than she used to.  I get that she's less hungry with the solid foods, but I still want her to be sure to get enough milk!  Nursing has been a bit challenging this last month.  I got mastitis, which was NOT fun, and just overall she's been less interested so it's been a little bit of a battle.  We had a short period where she started biting me a lot, but thankfully that seems to be over.  We're figuring out ways for me to feed her alone while I still have Elijah with me all day, too!  It's going well, but it took some figuring out!
On her tummy on her blanket, she can turn herself to face whichever direction (toy) she chooses, and it's fun to see her navigate that.  She sometimes tries to push up to all fours, but not very frequently or successfully.
She LOVES to jump in the doorway jumper, and sometimes also tries to jump when you're holding her.  She's hilarious and so cute!  She cut her first tooth on October 11th, a middle bottom one, and we're still waiting on the second one down there to pop through!  We are now less inclined to let her gnaw on our fingers!!  :)
I love this sweet baby girl and am so blessed to be raising her! What a gift from God!
 All these precious smiling faces are because her Daddy was smiling at her-you can tell how very much she loves him!  Here they are-ADORABLE!!!


  1. Yes: adorable, and cute, and smart, and wise!
    I must be the absolute definition of a proud GRAND parent!
    PS I agree: you are blessed to be raising her! ...and SHE is blessed because she is being raised by YOU (and an adorable dad, and a doting brother!). Indeed: what a gift from God!

  2. that is one adorable girl! I can see hwy you couldn't pick a pciture, I'd share them all too :)