Sunday, November 4, 2012

Painted Pumpkins

I hope nobody's tired of pumpkin pictures yet, because here are some different ones!  I mentioned before our awesome babysitter, "Miss Minzie" (Lindsey).  Well, she definitely picked up my slack (we didn't even buy a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch...) and brought over pumpkins for the kids to paint while she was babysitting one evening.  We did a little photo shoot of the finished products.  And yes, even Ellie participated in the painting.  The purple smudges on the back of her pumpkin are her handprints...or maybe we should say fistprints...

This little boy sure is proud of his work!
I think all firstborn children try to boss around their little siblings...sorry, Jen!
Little ham...and then Ellie's trying to figure out how she can eat hers...
Another favorite!!!


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  1. Dear, don't feel guilty about not getting your kids pumpkins. It's probably because YOUR mom never got YOU pumpkins, probably because MY mom never got ME pumpkins, probably because HER mom never got HER pumpkins! I don't think pumpkins even GROW in Paraguay! I guess this means your kids, third generation Americans, are the first generation in my family that is fully assimilated, although I did notice that in Ellie's dedication photo she looked like quite the Paraguayan! Love, Mom