Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We went to our local pumpkin patch several weeks ago.  It's a fun tradition, and we love the adorable pictures we get of our sweet kiddos!  :)  We also had Aunt Sara and my Grandma Thompson visiting us, so it was an extra special treat!

Here's Elijah being a muscle man:
He quickly decided that the smaller pumpkins were much more manageable!
Great-Grandma showed him how it's done!

This one was all bumpy.
Princess Ellie, surveying her domain.
Her hair looks a little mohawk-ish.  Yikes!
Isn't this a beautiful smile?!
I LOVE this family photo.  Even though James and I are the only ones who seem to be having a good time...  :)
I couldn't pick a favorite of these two mommy/daughter shots.

Chillin' with the pumpkins.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE photos of the two of them together!
Here's Great-Grandma Thompson!

And Aunt Sara!
My sweet family-I am so blessed!
My favorite men!

*sigh* I love fall!  Although it was really quite warm...

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  1. Nice! I see James is finely wearing a long-sleeved shirt! Maybe winter is just around the corner!
    Doesn't look like you had to drive far out into the country! Do they just drive in a bunch of pallets with a truck full of pumpkins?
    Too cool!