Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Talking up a Storm

Just a couple weeks ago, I was concerned that Ellie was mostly silent, as far as speech is concerned.  She wasn't doing much other than grunts and squeals, and I thought she should be making consonant sounds like I remember Elijah doing.  Well, no sooner had I decided not to worry about it, then she started talking in her sweet little baby way!  For the past few weeks, Ellie has definitely been finding her voice!  She started with (and still prefers) the standard "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba" but has toyed with some "mmmmmmaaaaa" and something suspiciously close to "dada."  Thanks to her noisy big brother, she has fully mastered blowing raspberries and making loud, wet vibratey sounds!  Things are not quiet around here, but we love getting to learn her voice!  :)


  1. Maybe she was slow to start vocalizing for the same reason your little sister was slow to start talking; they both had older siblings around! She may start to talk later than EZ did, but if she follows your little sister's pattern, when she DOES start talking, it will be in full sentences for all the time she spent just listening and learning!
    Love, Mom

  2. Good foryou Ellie, I think that having a big brother who is a chatter box could be an advantage or disadvantage. An advantage because he keeps you entertained and busy, you do not have to ask for anything. A disadvantage because he talks a lot and does not give you a chance to experiment, but now Ellie, you are on your way, hahaha. Hugs from Lita Nury