Sunday, November 11, 2012


Seven years ago today, James asked me to marry him through the most creative and meaningful treasure hunt...I wonder if we still have the video recording of that day???

One year ago today, we learned that we were being blessed with a baby girl, fulfilling words we felt like God had been speaking to us.`

Twenty-nine years today, my wonderful mother brought me into the world (in the midst of a move my parents were making from one home to another-I often say I was born into this transient life-I even got married while living out of a suitcase...).  Now that I'm a parent myself, I even more deeply appreciate how much a birthday is a celebration for a mother as much as for a child-Thanks, Mom!!!


  1. Feliz cumpleaƱos Cat!!! Happy birthday Cat!!!!
    I remember veeeeeeryyyy well the day that you came into this world. It was at Andrews Air Force Base. I went to stay with you guys for a few days and help your mother. Everything was in boxes, boxes, boxes everywhere, up to the ceiling. When we brought you home, we couldn't find a diaper to change you. When we solved that problem, your father went to work, I sent you and your Mom to sleep and I tackled those boxes. A few hours later, when your Mom came down, all the boxes were cleared and even the curtains were up. She probably had to change things around later but at tham moment, she was very relieved to see everything in place, Now she could relax, yea, rigth?! and just take care of the precious girl that now was part of their family, and new memebr of our family. Love you, Lita

  2. You are so right, Catherine, that "a birthday is a celebration for a mother as much as for a child." Every year on your birthday I think again about that day you were born! You were eleven days early, and we expected to be moved into our new house by then, but instead you were born three days before the movers (and a couple of dear friends!)came to pack up our old house, and when we did get to our new home, there were boxes everywhere! You were exposed to two lessons very early in life: how to handle transitions with grace, and how to rely on friends and family to help you through those transitions! I would say you have learned those lessons well! Thank you again, Lita, for coming to live with us for a week when Catherine was born (and for unpacking all those boxes- and no, I didn't have to rearrange a thing!), and, Cat, I look forward to helping you with YOUR move this summer! Happy birthday! Love, Mom