Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's in a Name?

We realized this weekend that James and I pronounce Elijah's name slightly differently.  We already knew that we say it different from most people, (many people blur the J sound into a Z, turning his name into a seeming combination of Elijah and Elisha: Elizhah (not sure how to phonetically spell that!)), but this was a funny twist!

Elijah has been fascinated by everyone's full name for a while, and learned that he was Elijah Zion Wise EZ (he likes to include his nickname) and that Ellie was Eliana Jubilee Wise (pronounced Ellie-Annah Jubee Wise), but he's always pronounced his own first name as "Ijah."  I was saying each syllable for him to repeat and realized it could go two ways: EEE-lijah or Eh-lijah (I originally tried to speel that Uhlijah, I'm not sure which is more accurate).  When I brought it up to James later, we learned that James feels that it should be EEElijah and I have been saying Ehlijah (long and short vowels, who can keep up?!?!).  The funny thing is that I didn't even think James said it this way, the only person I've noticed who consistently says EEElijah is my dad (shout out to Abuelo!).  But apparently we aren't even sure in our own house how to teach it to our son!  I guess we can keep saying it both ways and see where he lands as he grows!  :)

PS-As he just heard me talking about this to James, he was repeating "EEElijah."  There you have it...perhaps?  And in trying to get my attention just now, he cupped his hand to his mouth and called, "Mommy!  Catherine Grace Wise!"  Hahahaha!


  1. There is a boy in Grayson's preschool class named Elijah and everyone says it more like Uhlijah.

  2. I just burst out laughing! How can he have a sense of humor already at two years of age?
    When you were four, we were having hot dogs for dinner, and you said "This dog is hot!" That reminded me of the old "Why did the dog sit in the sun?" joke. So I asked you "Catherine, why did the dog sit in the sun?" You had no idea, so I answered my own question and said "because he wanted to be a hot dog!" You didn't laugh, so I quickly explained "Catherine, that is a joke. A joke is a question that you ask that has a silly answer. Do you understand?" "Yes," you answered, and then proceeded to ask "Why did the lamb sit in the breeze?" "Why?" I asked. "Because he wanted to be a pancake," you shouted, delightedly, because you had told a joke!
    How does a child develop a sense of humor? I imagine you learn it from your environment. I think you learned it from your parents' example, and Elijah is surely learning it from his parents example!
    Love, Mom