Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ellie in Lights

 Among all his amazing talents, James has such a creative perspective and neat photography ideas!  I'm so thrilled to be married to such an awesome man!

Here are some photos he took recently of Ellie exploring some Christmas lights!  Magical!

And just for the record, I sat just outside of the frame and pulled the lights back every time she tried to taste them...which was every two seconds!!  She was NOT in danger of electrocution!  :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ellie 8 Months

 Our sweet Ellie girl is 8 months old already!  Suddenly, I feel like she's really close to a year!

Daddy's little princess:

Ellie has evened out her nursing, that's going a lot better than a month or two ago.  She loves all the people around her, so she still easily allows other people to hold her and loves to bestow a big, sweet smile on anyone who may look at her!

 No major changes from last month to report...still the same schedule, same number of teeth, and same "almost ready to crawl" actions!  She likes to rock, now, in her highchair (which we are discouraging because we don't want her to tip over!), and when she's sitting on the floor!  She still LOVES to jump!

 I wonder if she understands more than I give her credit for.  I just remembered that at this point with Elijah, we'd probably already been asking him to wave bye-bye and point out body parts...we'll have to start working on those things with Ellie!  I see how second children can just watch things and store up all kinds of skills that no one realize they have!  :)

 Elijah's favorite playmate:

 Mommy's sweetheart:

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hats & Smiles

 People sometimes ask how we get such great family pictures.  Well, we take about 40 pictures and hope for 1 with everyone smiling.  This was a fun little photo shoot so I thought I'd show you the progression of faces.  Elijah was in a remarkably good mood!  :)
A friend made these hats for the kids, so we were trying to get pictures of them in the hats!  :)
Adorable smile, but not really a real one...
So I told him to make a monkey face:

 Which he thought was hilarious!
 Then we asked for angry eyes or a grumpy face:
 Which also brought smiles!

 Ellie is all smiles, most of the time...
 ...but it sure helps when you have such a funny brother to smile at!

 Too precious!