Monday, December 10, 2012

Hats & Smiles

 People sometimes ask how we get such great family pictures.  Well, we take about 40 pictures and hope for 1 with everyone smiling.  This was a fun little photo shoot so I thought I'd show you the progression of faces.  Elijah was in a remarkably good mood!  :)
A friend made these hats for the kids, so we were trying to get pictures of them in the hats!  :)
Adorable smile, but not really a real one...
So I told him to make a monkey face:

 Which he thought was hilarious!
 Then we asked for angry eyes or a grumpy face:
 Which also brought smiles!

 Ellie is all smiles, most of the time...
 ...but it sure helps when you have such a funny brother to smile at!

 Too precious!

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  1. No sibling rivalry here! Just pure adoration! I pray for them that their every interaction with each other would glorify God, edify each other, and draw each other closer to you. I prayed that for you regarding your siblings, and God answered that prayer in spades, and now I see Him answering that prayer for your children! What joy!