Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Garden

 So...I really really really love the idea of having a garden.  I want it to to be all beautiful and lush, and I want to actually eat things that I grew here in my own backyard!  Our first attempt earlier this summer flopped-sadly, my seeds pretty much dried out and died.  It was a HOT summer.  I planted some pansies last week (James brought them home for me to add some beauty to our home, they are all spread out in different places, so fun!!!), and then this weekend added several broccoli and cauliflower plants.  I thought it was pretty late in the season to do it, but at a local market they were selling these and many other winter plants and the guy there said it was fine to plant now, that we'd be harvesting in January...and he looked like he knew what he was talking about, and the plants were cheap, so why not, right?  :)

 Elijah is such an eager little helper!  I'm not sure which of us was more excited!

 Aren't they BEAUTIFUL???  Right after this picture, we uprooted and threw out our tomato plants.  They were miracle growers but I quit watering them several weeks ago because they'd stopped producing fruit and were too tall for me to keep upright in the garden bed.  Wouldn't you know, once I'd passed the point of no return, I found 2 green little tomatoes...oops!
 This picture...this is the stuff my dreams are made of!  And see back behind me?  That's our compost bin.  That my husband MADE for us.  We're so cool!  We throw stuff back there, and hopefully it's working!  I don't stir it much.  At all.  Like I've done it once or twice in two months.  He's done it a couple times, too, which is just kind since I said I would do all the work if he'd just build it.  :)

 This is today's harvest from my random herb plants.  I planted so many of these and so FEW of them worked, but these babies are doing great!  I learned you are supposed to harvest only about a third of the leaves, and this is the second time I've done that, and I felt like doing it last time definitely encouraged growth in the plants.  I love it!!!
Finally, this is more of an indoor project, of course, but here is a before and after picture of a lamp I rescued from someone's trash pile.  :)  The little round table it's on was also in the trash, I just haven't done anything with it yet!  :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Month of October

 Ellie is wearing my shoes in this picture.  She is ALWAYS trying on different shoes, and the bigger the better! 

 Look at this adorable smile!!!
Reading books with Daddy!
 Haha we have been visiting some new parks lately.  This one was a smashing success...because they had ROCKS!!!  Ellie filled her shoes and dumped them out, and made it look so fun that Elijah wanted to try, too!  :)  We went home and took baths!
 Elijah rediscovered his monkey hat and gloves from Gran and jumped around proclaiming his monkey-ness!
 We've done some letter activities...this kid is smart!
 He loves this horse at WalMart.  He is so happy with it not moving...I hope he never learns it can!  :)
 Elijah loves mowing the grass with Daddy!
 This is Elijah's scary monster face (and feet).
 Unexplainable...lately, when we go out to the garage to get in the car, Ellie gets down on all fours, points across the street, and barks.  Turns out there IS a dog over there but I've almost NEVER seen it, so how did she know?!?!
 On our way to a tea party!
 Playing outside with shaving cream.
 We got RAINED ON but it didn't dampen our spirits!
 Elijah was spiderman for his Mother's Day Out costume party.
 Ellie was Davy Crockett...just kidding!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Giveaway!!!

Well, this is new to me, but we are doing a Words From the Wise Giveaway!!!

The new Antioch Live album, Our God Comes, is fantastic!  We like it so much we want to share one with one of our readers!  So, sign up to enter with the rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!  :)  Happy worshiping!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

July & August

 So...we moved this summer!  That pretty much explains what life has been like, right?  Boxes, packing paper, sorting through stuff, organizing, decorating, arranging, rearranging, selling things online, multiple trips to Lowe's...

We had amazing WONDERFUL help from so many great friends (and some people we hadn't even met before!!) from church.  It was seriously such an expression of the Body of Christ at work, we were so blessed!
 Because all the loading and unloading boxes, carrying furniture, assembling cribs, etc wasn't enough, the crew then stayed around and beautifully cared for our yard-it looked amazing and was such a blessing!

 Then James and I took off for a couple days in the mountains of Utah for a training/equipping conference with our organization.  It was beautiful and envisioning and all-around awesome!  My parents came and took care of the kids, and we got refreshed and trained for our work!

 The travel back was HORRIFIC-one of our flights got canceled and we ended up spending a night in Denver.  It was awful, I missed getting to say goodbye to my Dad, and we made it home almost a full 24 hours later than we were supposed to.  The redeeming aspect of this trip was that my dearest friend met us in the OKC airport, brought us lunch, and visited for an hour or so.  It was so fun!!!
 James celebrated his birthday, and we had a Settlers of Catan party-so cool!

 The kids are still awesome and adorable!  :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Dominican Republic

 The first two weeks of June we spent in the Dominican Republic on the training school outreach.  Here are lots of fun pictures from the trip!
The grocery store had a different kind of car carts than our grocery store has!  Elijah thought it was the COOLEST thing and continually asks for them even now that we are home!

 Ellie made best friends with our bus driver and spent a lot of (parked) time in the driver's seat.

 Both kids were troopers with the plane travel!  Here we were SO excited to catch the sky train between terminals and not have to walk so far!
 Family picture at the Monument in Santiago.
 James is a superhero!  He can carry two kids at once!!!
 The shopping trip at the end of the trip-there was a UPS store!

 Elijah is in a HUGE drumming phase lately.  These empty water bottles made awesome sounds!

 Translating for Natalie as she shared her testimony in a park.
 Clara meeting Jesus as her Savior!
 James on the radio!!!

 Ellie actually slept large portions of her naps and nights in bed with us.  She had a cold and would wake herself up coughing and not want to go back to sleep unless we were holding her.  Since our whole family was in one room, it was easiest to just keep her with us.  We've not done this before and it is NOT the most restful way to sleep, but it worked, and as soon as we got home, she's gone back to happily sleeping the whole night in her own crib!

 Ellie missed a lot of morning naps so she snoozed in our arms occasionally.  These were PRECIOUS moments!!!
 Elijah helping Daddy share the gospel using the bridge diagram.
 Sleeping on the of these people is faking...can you tell who it is?