Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ellie - 9 Months

I love how Elijah always invites himself into these photo shoots.  He provides the props, as well.  :)

Ellie is 9 (and a half by  now) months old! She is chattering up a storm, making so many funny faces and sweet noises.  She likes to have conversations with us, though no one has any idea what anyone else is talking about.  Ellie has almost never met a stranger, just grinning from ear to ear at anyone who talks to her!
We've had a bit of a rough go of it for the last month or so with nighttime sleep and eating well and stuff.  Ellie just has less of an appetite than I would like her to, so I am often trying to get her to eat more than she would like to!  She is struggling with some constipation, but most of the solutions for that involve getting her to eat or drink things that she isn't always interesting in!  She's been waking up and crying a lot at night lately.  I've wondered about hunger or constipation pain or teething...
She loves to roll all over the floor wherever I put her down.  She scoots backwards but can't quite get that forward motion going yet.  She gets stuck under beds or chairs and I rescue her but then she gets right back there pretty quickly!  :)
Ellie loves to laugh, especially at her big brother!  Elijah is making lists of things he wants to teach her to do when she gets older (run, build block towers, say 'book'!) but they definitely already enjoy each other!
Ellie has evened out right around the 50th percentile in all her measurements.  She was 70th until now, but apparently this is very normal for breastfed babies (the growth charts are made with formula fed babies in mind.  Who knew there was a difference?).  She weighed 18 lbs 14 oz at her 9 month doctor's appointment, and was 27 1/2 in long.  When I weighed her at home at 8 months (with her clothes on, on a grown-up scale) she was about 9 lbs 5 oz, so I wasn't thrilled with her weight this month, but with the difference in weighing methods and the normal timing of the plateau, I'm choosing not to be concerned.  The doctor definitely wasn't, he said she looks very normal and is balanced in all her measurements, and heaven knows I already try constantly to get her to eat/drink more, there's not really anything else I can do anyway!  :)

Ellie is such a joy.  She is a bright light in our already sunshiny lives!  :)


  1. Cat, don't worry so much if Ellie doesn't want to eat every thing you offer her(they say that children know exactly what they need to eat at different times (unless of course there is a mayor change in their habits. I always followed the pediatrician's advice but also and to the contrary of what people think about him (about discipline I mean) I raised our children reading Dr. Spock's book 9medicine part) that I bought at the drugstore.
    The book help me a lot, especially with our first child(your mother),when a hiccup is a mayor thing when you don't know anything about babies. Cookie was tiny but she grew to be very strong. If the doctor says Ellie is all right, do not worry so much. Love Lita

  2. I had no idea the growth charts were based on formula fed babies - very interesting! constipation - it's a bummer. Praying she regulates and it eases.

  3. I too love how Elijah invites himself into Ellies' birthday photos and brings the props as well! This, and the way he took to taking photos with my camara last month, to the point of composing photos by asking his subjects to move right or left, make me see a future in photography for him! I don't think anyone has ever started their career as early as he has, though!
    PS Happy nine-month birthday, Ellie! What a gift you have in your big brother- and what a gift you are to HIM!