Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Weekend

Elijah and Ellie were asked to be the ring bearer and flower girl in some friends' wedding this last weekend.  They were cute and adorable...and didn't end up going down the aisle!

All I'm saying is, it's a good thing there are rehearsals!  When EZ realized Mommy and Daddy were not going to be the ones pulling them in the wagon, he freaked out.  I expected him to not be thrilled about it, but I didn't think he'd cry and scream, I thought he'd just sit there and not smile a lot. But, well, it was noisy and unpleasant and a little traumatic.  Both times we practiced.  So...the bride excused them from their responsibilities.  We were sorry they didn't participate, but definitely think it was for the best!  After all that, Elijah didn't even want the photographer taking his picture on the real day of the wedding, so these pictures Daddy took are about all we got!  Still precious!

Then Daddy entertained Elijah while Mommy nursed Ellie before the ceremony.  Adorable little guy!


  1. One day he will look back on that day and say "Who? Me?"
    Ellie looks adorable in the dress you found her when we went shopping last month,
    and Elijah looks like quite the Texan!
    ...and a wedding to boot!
    Sounds like a memorable day all around!

  2. Ez is still in the terrible 2, you never know how children will react to different situations and you cannot force them to do something they are not comfortable doing. Ellie wasn't crying, right?? so why was she also fire from her job???
    They look adorable in all pictures, I like the last one of Elijah by the fence, it is a Texan pose, all he is missing is his hat!!!
    Love, Lita