Monday, April 1, 2013

Armadillo Dash

James ran his SECOND half marathon on March 3rd.  He's incredible!  This time was significantly easier for him, which is just ridiculous.  I can't imagine running 13.1 miles.

 Here he's already run past us, he's in the white shirt and blue shorts, kind of right between the orange cones.
 Here's his cheering squad!!

 Finisher!!!  He beat his 10 minute mile goal and finished at a 9:59 pace-incredible!
 Supposedly doing this with friends makes it more fun.  Again, I can't imagine running 13.1 miles ever being fun, but...

 James then fell asleep on the floor with the kids playing around him.  So cute!

1 comment:

  1. Yeay, James! ...and yeay cheering squad! I cannot imagine any greater motivators than those three fans of his!
    My favorite photo of the race is the most important part of the race: it is the photo of him asleep on the floor with his precious fans relaxing with him and around him, letting their hero recover from his race, to run another day!
    Yeay, James!