Sunday, April 7, 2013

Family Picnic

I made this awesome picnic blanket out of bandannas a while back and we finally pulled it out to break it in!  It's nice and big so it was great!  It was super windy during our picnic (I had made salad for me and James and had to move it into mugs!) but still great fun!

This is Elijah's new picture pose.  I'm not sure what exactly he's doing, but he props his hand up by his face.  Hilarious!
 This is another picture I've taken a lot lately.  The kids LOVE these racecar carts at HEB and Lowe's!  :)

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  1. The racecar cart inventor was so wise to put TWO steering wheels on his invention!
    I don't know either what Elijah is doing when he puts his hand under his chin for pictures, except I can venture a guess: often when we skype with you, Bello will rest his elbow on the table and rest his chin in his hand. Elijah doesn't see the table on which Bello is resting his hand, so it must look strange to him that Bello is putting his hand under his chin, but maybe he is imitating what he sees Bello often do when HE is in front of the camara!
    Oh, and I think the CREATOR of that bandana blanket has become a true Texan; after all, she is outnumbered in her family! What a fun idea- the blanket, AND the picnic! ... and salad-in-a-mug... what memories you are building! I LOVE reading about them all!