Tuesday, April 2, 2013

February Catchup

 It's ridiculous how long it's been since I've posted.  Here are some pictures from February.  I don't remember anything about them because all we were doing was POTTY TRAINING and keeping life going!

I love this picture.  He's peeking through a hole in the fence to see the neighbor dog.

 These two are such great friends!  I love how they love each other!!!

 Oh, yeah!  And Ellie's crawling EVERYWHERE!  She's been doing it now for a couple months, but I may not have mentioned it on the blog.  She's adorable.  It's hilarious to see her all little and cute speeding across the room!

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  1. Setting aside a month of your life to potty train may feel like the month disappeared, but it was a month of sunshine and play and growth and seeing new things and hugs and smiles and laughter and learning to crawl and grocery shopping (can't live without ANY of those things!) , and it was also another block in the foundation of security and faith. You are awesome!