Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

 Today is Ellie's one year birthday.  How can that one sentence bring tears to my eyes?!

Eliana Jubilee, you are a precious, priceless gift of God to us!  From even before the first moment we met you, we have felt honored to be entrusted with your life.  You remind us of the faithful promises of God in our lives.  He has been so intentional with you, beautiful baby girl.  He orchestrated every piece of you and knit you together according to His perfect plan!

Ellie, you radiate joy and peace!  You are always in search of your next adventure, and you love to laugh, especially with your big brother!  You truly are a bright ray of sunshine in our lives, and we are thrilled to have you as our precious daughter!

 I love being mother to a girl.  Of course motherhood is many things, but there is something deeply beautiful about shaping and molding you into a little woman, caring for your heart and praying for you to grab hold of the dreams of God for your life.  I treasure quiet moments spent with you when you fall asleep at my breast.  I rejoice in your enthusiasm for life.  I love how you enjoy our family!

 Happy birthday, Ellie!


  1. READING this brought tears to MY eyes!
    I remember this day a year ago, and how miraculously God brought this little girl into the world. I remember many prayers while you labored, and many answers to prayer when she was safely delivered. I remember two weeks with Elijah so he would be used to me when you and Daddy left for a few long days, and I remember Dad expecting to see your newborn when he came home from his mission trip a week after your due date and you were still pregnant! ...but he had the rare privilege of being there while you actively labored, and got to hear the news that Ellie was born before he had to catch his plane to leave. How blessed I was to be there for the first week of Ellie's life, to enjoy this new family. I love you! Happy Ellie's birthday, Catherine!

  2. Dear Great-grand-Daughter Eliana Jubilee:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY our little Miss Sunshine, Lito and Lita miss you and wish you always the best!
    Que Dios te bendiga!!!
    Muchos besitos!!!