Friday, April 5, 2013

North Carolina

 From Tennessee, we went to North Carolina for a week for our church's spring break mission trip.  Mom (Bella) came with us to hang out with the kiddos so James and I could both be more available on the trip.  It was AWESOME!  We are so thankful for her giving up an entire week to hang out in a hotel room with two kids who didn't want to take naps!  They were also charming and adorable, and fortunately that's the part Mom focuses on!  :)

We went to this incredible park in Raleigh and got to see ducks and ride a sweet train around the park!

 Elijah LOVED being in worship every morning!  He got all cuddly and just hugged and listened quietly, but later had all kinds of things to say about it!
 James spoke on one of the days, and did an incredible job!  I'm so proud to be married to such an incredible, humble, wise man of God!
 I feel like Ellie GREW UP while we were gone!  She started pulling up on everything, and even trying to let go and stand up by herself.

 The last day in North Carolina, we found an AWESOME children's museum.  I'm telling you, it may be the coolest place we've ever been!!!  :)

 Flying home.  We were SO THRILLED to be reunited with Daddy for good!  :)
It was a great trip, and we're so glad we went!

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  1. I too am glad we went! Thanks for inviting me!