Saturday, April 6, 2013

Play Kitchen

We made Ellie's birthday present about two weeks ago.  I had seen online some nightstands turned into play kitchens, and have been wanting to make one.  James rescued this microwave cart for me from the side of the road, and it sat in his office for months because I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do with it.  We had a long weekend, though, and Ellie's birthday was quickly approaching, and so we seized the moment and jumped in with both feet!  It turned out awesome and I am SO thrilled with it!  James got WAY more involved than either of us had really planned, but I could NOT have done this without him and he ended up enjoying it, too!  :)

Elijah helped use the tools.  :)

James did all the cutting.  Power tools.  I didn't even want to try!  :)

We turned the top shelf that we cut off into a backboard and I painted a little scene on it to become a window.
Painted all the pieces several times, including a last minute couple coats of polyurethane when we saw how scratched up it was going to get.

And the finished product is ADORABLE!!!!!

Sink, shelf, window, stove:
Microwave (4/4 is Ellie's birthday, hence the time):

Hooks for potholder and apron (I just got back an apron Jen and I had when we were little that some cousins had borrowed-how sweet that now Ellie can use it!):
I LOVE how this turned out!!!


  1. You two are beyond talented, and industrious, and great parents!
    One feature about the play kitchen that you forgot to mention, though: the faucet! How in the world?! Every little touch makes it look so authentic, and makes it look like it will provide YEARS of fun for one little girl... and one little boy... and one BIG girl and one BIG boy too! (I foresee many tea parties cooked up here!)
    Happy First Birthday, Ellie!

  2. This is really beautiful,creative, custom made, you'll never find this in the store. Maybe you could go into business, ha. ha. People will pay very well for something so personal. The three of you also had a wonderful time making it, thinking of all the special touches on it,and congratulating yourselves after looking at the finished product.
    I made a kitchen-stove for our girls too but, I used cardboard, that was all I had available at the time.It came out really nice but nothing like this. Then I made a Barbie house, this time I got the girls involved, we had a great time on a rainy Sunday afternoon. They learned to do many things. They also learned that you do not have to spend money to have a great toy, and you have something than nobody else has.
    Ellie will spend many happy times playing at her kitchen. Maybe one day Ellie and her Mom could make the Barbie house too. Love from Lita

  3. INCREDIBLE! This is AMAZING! Way to go awesome parents!